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Repair and maintainance experts for
Air Conditioners. Microwave & Ovens. Fridges. Water filters & Purifiers.

We offer all types of Home Applicance repair and maintainance services.

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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners loose 5% of their efficiency every year if not maintained properly. If it is not working as expected, we've got you covered.


Of all the appliances to go on the blink, the refrigerator is often the most inconvenient-and the most dangerous. Be assured and we will handle it.

Washing Machines

Did your washing machine break down? Is it not working like it’s supposed to? Call us we'll be happy to help you.

Microwave & Ovens

Microwave ovens are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. They often become obsolete if not cared properly. Ping is and we'll be there to take care of it.

Water filters & purifiers

Water filters and purifiers take care backterias and viruses from the water, hence they too needs care. Our experts can make it good as new.

Kitchen Chimneys

Om Sai Refrigeration deals with all types of kitchen chimney brands. If yours not woking as expected, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Om Sai Refrigeration is a group of certified technicians who are experts in home applicance repair vertical with 5+ years of experience. Still need a reason to choose us?

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